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A Little History...

Gerard Insurance Services (GIS) was established in 1983 by Fred Gerard.  Fred had some negative experiences with insurance agents not servicing his accounts properly and not being in the office during business hours.  Complaining didn’t seem to help so he finally decided to become an agent himself.  One of Fred’s main goals was to ensure that clients received quick, efficient service, that someone was always available during business hours and that they were treated like family.  At the present time, over 70% of new business comes from referrals which testify that GIS is adhering to his mission statement.  GIS is the largest insurance agency in Calaveras County with five employees to ensure that your needs are met.

When Fred got into the business, his office was in a converted garage apartment in San Andreas.  Due to needed expansion, GIS became the first tenant in the Plaza at 314 W. St Charles Street in 1990.  The office moved again to a larger office with better parking located at 107 E. St. Charles Street.  In 2011, GIS moved across the street to its current location at 96 E. St Charles Street (Hwy 49).  GIS recently purchased the building so we are here to stay!  No more moves!

No matter what your insurance needs, Gerard Insurance Services will be happy to help you achieve you insurance coverage goals.  If you want a friendly person to talk to, someone that is local and in the United States, visit us on the web, give us a call, or come on in to the office.  There is always a good cup of coffee waiting for you.


Trivia…Peter Snyder Insurance originally built the current building in the mid-50’s when the new Hwy 49 was built.  He moved his office to this location from Main Street.  He operated his agency into the 80’s until he passed away.  Several businesses have used the building since.  So now the building has come full circle and is an insurance office once again.

Fred W. Gerard

The GIS Team