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“In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” -Mark Twain

Why Insure With Us?

Ask yourself this question….

How many carriers does your agent quote in order to provide you the most competitive pricing? Most competing insurance agencies are restricted to offering you 1 or 2 carriers because they are considered “captive agents” and are employed by the carrier they represent.

We are an independent Insurance agency, representing a multitude of companies. We believe you deserve the most competitive policy available. You are our employer. We are not employed by any one company.

Some additional questions…

Is someone always available in the office during business hours? WE ARE!

Does the agency return your phone calls promptly? WE DO!

If you have a problem with your policy, is the agency available and willing to resolve your issues in a satisfactory manner? WE WILL!

If you are looking for a competitive quote and it is important to you there is someone local you can talk to when you have questions or concerns – talk to us! Besides providing the best service humanly possible, you will be greeted with friendly smiles and a great cup of coffee.

Check out these Auto Industry Stats.

Some of our Carriers


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8 Items for your Autumn Home Project List

1- Clean your gutters

2- Make sure the downspouts properly guide water away your home

3- Use door sweeps and caulk to block drafty areas of the home from the winter cold

4- Have your furnace and chimney checked and cleaned annually

5- Vacuum your air ducts

6- Remove screens and put up storm windows

7- Reverse the circulation direction of your ceiling fans

8- Winterize your pipes Give us a call for a renter's quote today!

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